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Average Lifespan

80-100 years

Home Plane

Prime Material Plane



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Average Weight

220-350 lbs

Skin Color

Red-brown, blue, black, green, yellow

Hair Color


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Chitinous exoskeleton, large claws, eyestalks

Karkanaks are a race of crablike humanoids commonly found in small enclaves on sandy beaches across the world. Though great in number, their presence is seldom felt unless they are severely threatened, as they are completely uninterested the politics of other humanoids and live in locations most other races have no interest in.

Karkanaks prefer to spend their day eating, lounging, crafting, and competing for mates. Innate artisans, they make their living selling finely crafted wares, from nets and tools to weapons, armor, and fine art. They spend their earnings on simple pleasures, eschewing material possessions in favor of food, drink, and attracting as many desirable mates as possible.

Physical Description Edit

A Karkanak looks like a bipedal horseshoe crab with eight appendages instead of twelve. The lower two legs are the Karkanak's walking legs, and are used primarily for movement. The first two legs are chelipeds, and end in large pincers. Females have two pincers of similar size, while males have one small pincer and one large one. These claws are used for attacking and lack dexterity for fine manipulation. The middle legs of both genders end in small, dexterous pincers that are used for more delicate manipulation. Typical coloration is red-brown, but blue, black, green, and even yellow karkanaks are not unknown.

Society Edit

Karkanaks are surprisingly gentle despire their brutish strength, appearance, and mannerisms. They tend to avoid conflict whenever possible, preferring to flee. Young adults have been known to explore and be curious, but most quickly decide to return to a simpler existence.

Karkanaks are usually simple hunter-gatherers, subsisting primarily on carrion and algae, and much of each Karkanak's day is spent hunting or scavenging along the shore.

Karkanaks usually live in coastal caves, though some tribes dig extensive burrows in seaside cliffs or large mud mounds. Within a burrow complex, each karkanak has an individual lair, situated near a large, central meeting area. Males and females are found in approximately equal numbers in a tribe.

Karkanaks have an innate ability to make things, and can be excellent artisans, engineers, and builders with little or no education.

Relations Edit

Karkanaks have no particular fondness for other races, but instead have a deep respect for all life. They get along well with all individuals that return that respect, and have great contempt for those that do not. Most other races view the karkanaks as simple, often underestimating their intelligence and mistaking their lack of sophistication for a deficiency of wits.

Alignment and Religion Edit

While evil Karkanaks are not unheard of, most are of neutral alignment. Rarely swayed by the plights of other races, they seldom take up the causes of others. Many Karkanaks worship nature itself, and are otherwise uninterested in religion.

Karkanak Racial Traits Edit

+2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Dexterity: Karkanaks are heavily built and strong, but their bulky form makes them somewhat clumsy and slow.

Medium: Karkanaks are Medium creatures and have no bonus or penalty due to size.

Slow Speed: Karkanaks have a base speed of 20 feet on land. They are better suited to the water and also have a swim speed of 30 feet, can move in water without making Swim checks, and always treat Swim as a class skill.

Amphibious: Karkanaks are amphibious, and function easily both in and out of water.

Darkvision: Karkanaks can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Chitinous Exoskeleton: Karkanaks have a +2 natural armor bonus from their tough outer shell.

Fighting Claws: Karkanaks have large pincers that grant two claw attacks. Females have two similarly-sized claws (1d6 points of damage each), while males have one large claw (1d8 points of damage) and one small claw (1d4 points of damage).

Grasping Claws: Beneath their large claws, Karkanaks have two pairs of dexterous appendages. The top pair is strong enough to wield weapons, while the lower pair cannot, but can retrieve stowed objects on their person as a swift action.

Natural Artisans: Karkanaks are skilled craftsmen, and gain a +2 bonus on two Craft skills at 1st level.

Sources Edit

Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting, Alluria Publishing

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