Vital statistics

Lord of Success, One-Tusk, Lord of Obstacles




Chaotic Good


Obstacles, Luck, Success, Wisdom


Chaos, Community, Good, Luck, Trickery

Favored Weapon



Swaanda Dhama

Ganesha is the god of luck and wisdom. He is the remover of obstacles, but also puts them in the path of those who need to be checked. Generally a god of good, Ganesha has been known to put obstacles in the path of the righteous just as often as their enemies, as he teaches that difficulties serve as stepping stones to even greater success.

Legend holds that Ganesha was created by Hina to guard her while she bathed. As he guarded the door to her bathhouse, her husband, the god of the sun Suraja, arrived to visit his beloved, but Ganesha refused him entry. Assuming the large, four-armed entity was a servant of Hextor and that his wife was in danger, Suraja cleaved Ganesha's head from his shoulders and went forth to rescue his wife. When he discovered her unharmed, she explained to him the truth. Suraja was overcome with regret, and had his servants go out to retrieve the head of the nearest sleeping creature facing east so that he could return Hina's faithful servant to life, and they returned soon after with the head of an elephant. Suraja attached the head to Hina's creation and returned him to life, promising him that he would repay his mistake by treating Ganesha as his own son and uplifting him to the status of a god in his own right.

Ganesha appears as a portly male humanoid with four arms and the head of an elephant, often riding his mount, the mouse Mushika.

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